Cincinnati Party God V5

Stand-start with left hand on lower side pull and right hand in undercling of your choice. Make move up through side pulls, pinches, and crimps to the horned jug top-out.

Blood Dyno V4

Start with hands in the two obvious holes center of the boulder, launch yourself to jug right of the tree trunk.

Blood Gnome V7

Sit-start matched on undercling, make moves straight up to a dyno top-out.

Boo Ya Arete V3

Start matched on the large jug, move through crimps to top-out right of the tree. (roots are on for top-out)

Blood for the Blood Gnome V9

Same sit-start as Blood Gnome, make moves up and traverse right into Blood Dyno, launch yourself to the jug right of the tree trunk to top-out.

Racist Arete V8

Sit-Start with right hand on low sloper and left on low side-pull. Move up through left side of arete and crimps to top-out. (This boulder shifted in 2020, the difficulty has yet been determined)

Lil Immoral V2

Start matched on jug center of boulder, make moves to lip of boulder to top-out at the point.