Midstream South

Mantis V2
Fight or Flight V7

Sit-Start on the low-end of rail on right side of the boulder. Move left continuing on rail, moving through slopers, pinches, and crimps to a matching finish on the horned edge.

Flight V3

Start matched on undercling located on the left side of the Fight or Flight boulder. Make moves up sloper to the horned edge top out.

Pinch Arete V2

Start matched on low undercling below the right face of the arete, moving through jugs, underclings to a sloper top out.

Keyhole V3

Key Hole has several variations of similar grades going out left, right, and center. All start from a low pocket center of the boulder.

Banjo V4
Sauna Right V3

Start on the right side of the boulder matched on the curved rail. Move left and up through crimps to an edge top out.

Sauna Left V4

Start matched on the low pocket left side of the boulder. Make moves through rails and crimps to an edge top out below the tree.

2-Step Marathon V1

Start matched on the chest-high ledge. Move up through rails and side pulls to a slab top-out.

Mother Goose V0

Start on chest height jug, follow jugs straight up to top-out. There is also a tall V0 on the left face of the boulder. Fun warm-up boulder.

Thin to Win V6

Stand start matched on the undercling center of the boulder. Move straight upwards through thin crimps to top out.

Core Sample V1

Start on the drilled-out pocket, traverse right, and up to top-out.

Drill Bit V2

Start on the drilled-out pocket, traverse left, and up to top-out.