Midstream North

Dimensional Analysis V7

Also known as Hangar Crack.

Illusions of Grandeur V9

Start matched on ledge left of vertical seam. Make moves right and up through seem to dished crimp. Top out through horn jug above seem.

Also known as Integration.

Paranoid Delusions V3

Start matched on the pointy jug (right of Illusions of Granger). Make moves up through rails and ledges to top out.

Delusions of Grandeur V2

Start on undercling shared with No Chomos. Move left through slotted crimps along the horizontal seam. Top out or drop off at the ledge above Paranoid Delusions.

No Chomos V7

Start matched on large undercling, move right through overhung crimps and side pulls, and up to a delicate crimp, top out through jug.

Unnamed V3 V3

Start on large undercling shared with No Chomos, move right through crimps on good feet to the arete. Match on slotted jug above arete to dropoff.

Arete Threat V2

Start on the ledge left of arete, make moves up through crimps to horned jug to top-out at arete.

Space Needle V1

Sit-start with left-hand on crimp and right in the slot near arete of boulder. Move up the rail to a top out near the point.

Space Nuggets V1

Sit Start on the backside of Spaceneedle boulder. Move left through jugs to the arete to top out.

Heel Hook V1

Start on the low rail on the far right side of the boulder, traverse the rail left and climb up the arĂȘte to top-out.