Warning: Bouldering is inherently dangerous. It can lead to injury and even death. Your safety depends on your own good judgment.

Bouldering in Chippewa Creek has a long and mostly undocumented history. The problems detailed in this guide have been collected through online directories, community knowledge, and personal experience of the area.

There is no guarantee that the information contained within this guide is correct.

Etiquette and Access

When bouldering in the gorge, try to set the example of an ideal park visitor. Practice Leave No Trace ethics, which means no littering and packing out any trash you find. Avoid excessive yelling and loud music. Remove tick marks and minimize chalk residue. Avoid bouldering when the rock is wet.

While there are minimally maintained trails to bouldering areas, stick to the footpaths outlined in this guide.


The first parking lot is located at the address below. Additional parking further down Chippewa Road.

Chippewa Creek Gorge Scenic Overlook
8263 Chippewa Rd,
Brecksville, OH 44141