Midstream North

  • Dimensional Analysis V7

    Also known as Hangar Crack.

  • Illusions of Grandeur V9

    Also known as Integration.

  • Paranoid Delusions V3

    Start matched on the pointy jug (left of Illusions of Granger). Make moves up through rails and ledges to top out.

  • Arete Threat V2

    Start matched on ledge left of the arete, make moved right, and up through arete to the horned jug top.

  • Spaceneedle V1

    Sit-start with left-hand on crimp and right in the slot near arete of boulder. Move up the rail to a top out near the point.

  • Heel Hook V1

    Start on the low rail on the far right side of the boulder, traverse the rail left and climb up the arete to top-out.